Girls in this Gen

”Girls, Stop acting like you want a guy with trait’s like Romeo. You always talk about how every man’s fake, And you can’t take it, and you want something real. SHUT UP!!! Tramp save it. Twice a week you put on you’re make up and damn places, From here to the club, half naked with ya ass shaking. Pulling a low life nigga, who claim he cash making. So you let him hit, find out he work at the gas station. One of them niggas got you pregnant, and you can’t raise it. But you caused it, your action’s made a fat statement. You want romeo then act patient, And stop frontin’ like he in the club, posting in the back waiting. It’s the club, where the guys put on a new persona, They go to looking for beautiful, brainless, bitches like you to bone them. Then when they leave you, you cry and cry. Talking about ”OMG, OMG I can’t find a guy, It’s been so many years and I’ve tried and tried, 
Why am I even on earth? I should die! ”
You want romeo?, 
You’re not worthy. 
You’re cock thirsty, nasty and probably got herpes. ” 


My lunch today c: 7/30/2013

My lunch today c: